Generally, due to the type of insulation production, most units did not need to create a lab within the unit, which, in addition to being a negative point in the cluster structure, is itself caused by various factors, including the type of production and the level of technology, and because of the production Uniformity and constant production process as well as product quality generally There is generally no experiment in particular on the product, which indicates a particular indifference to the product specification, which in the face of the foreign market can be considered a negative point.

Of course, the fact that 35% of the units are ISO-compliant shows that the units are not primarily concerned with the establishment of the lab and the product testing, without paying attention to the quality of the product, even the turbulence of the domestic market and the lack of attention to the foreign market. To show

Isogum Quality Control Lab

Machine name: 200Kg puller

Applications: Determination of properties and mechanical strength of the insulating material

200Kg traction machine

Extruder available for testing the tensile strength of plastic materials, polymers, metal cables and …. Designed and built up to a maximum of 200Kg


Stretch test of different materials and drawing of stress tension curve, failure stress and final stress of materials

Device description

Device structure

Electronic wiring board

Computer and software to draw the curve

Testing method

First, we prepare a 300 mm long and 50 mm wide, longitudinal and transverse sections. Press the ref key to move the jaw at a distance of 20cm from the jaw. After inserting the insulator, between the two jaws, the upper and lower vertebrae turn the jaw to hold it firmly, then click START. This is repeated for all three samples. If one of the tests is not carried out, then that test should be deleted. To do this, just click on one of the numbers on the right side of the screen that relates to that test. That test will be cleared and replaced by another test. After the end of the three steps in the file, we select the print option to print.

This definition is of course the quality of the 1950s in Europe and the United States, which consider the quality of the Mike to be an obstacle to mass production, and in the aftermath of the war, supplying supplies was a priority.

This quality perception has two major weaknesses. First, it asks that quality can be imposed through inspection, and secondly, the weakness of the concept of conformance to the standard is the neglect of the needs of the consumer. It is a pity that the concept that has been abandoned in today’s developed countries about forty years ago today is considered as the first step in our country for some industries, including pre-fabricated moisture insulators, and hardly acceptable.

There are two types of tests in the laboratory:

Testing of raw materials

Bitumen (100/85) (the point is a softness of 85 to 100, however, at first when bitumen is purchased) inside the machine to determine the softness point (rimboalal). This machine has two rings that are littered into it. The small balls contain glycerin solution. And they heat up when the ball has fallen, the soft point of the machine is determined. Once again, place the blended material in the same machine and measure the softness after mixing, in which case the soft point should be 120

2- Product testing

1 oven: The thermal stability of the device is measured. In this test, we cut the insulator size 10 × s in the oven. We set and maintain it for 2 hours at 120 ° C. During this time, the insulation should not drain and water. In the other case, To make more.

2 Bending or cold bending: In this device, an insert piece of size 10 × 10 is inserted into the device. The temperature of the device is set to -S0c. The rod is embedded in this device, which after 2 hours this rod The lower side moves should not break. If the insulation is broken then the APP should be lowered.

3 stretch marks: Two layers of polyester and thymus, 30 × S, are evaluated in this device, which have two jaws, the upper and lower jaws, this insulator is located between these two jaws, and then tightly fixed the lower jaw The upper jaw is movable and upwardly torn, which should not be torn. In general, a standard insulator should have a thermal stability of c0120 and not break at -0 ° C.

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