Quality control unit

Isogam Behdis has been able to pass all stages of the test provided by the Standard Office well and now has a variety of insulators with the highest level of humidity, in order to raise the quality level of its products with well-equipped laboratories. The research and development of experienced experts and managers. Quality for different applications and domestic and foreign markets

All products of this company are tested by skilled engineers and advanced tools. Which includes all relevant tests to the global standards.

National Iranian Standard  CE  Iso 9001  Iso 14001

Imports and exports

Due to high quality of company’s products (Behdis Isogum Co.), the company has appropriate capacity to export its products not only to neighboring foreign countries but also to European countries. Countries to which our products have been exported, are Turkey, Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia. Sells policy of company emphasizes on at least fifty percent of products, the prediction of company’s export capacity is 1500000$ per year, which in the last year 30 percent of this was achieved.

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