Bahdis Sazan Mahan Co. is one of the largest active and registered companies in the country. The company is developing and developing with the aim of introducing and marketing and selling the products of Isogum.

An industrial-based, test-based insulation has been developed to secure its older method, bitumen and dowry.

The coated isogam is made of bitumen and synthetic fibers, which is glued to the roof with warmth and prevents the penetration of water and moisture into its environment.
Lifetime of insulation is average 10 years. Isogam is an industrial phenomenon that relies on knowledge, experimentation and technology to secure structures against weather and humidity from snow and rain. The various types of waterproofing materials, after passing various tests, will increase the coefficient of stability in the laboratories of the processing plants.

Any structure against moisture from snow and rain is drowning and moisture that was used to prevent this moisture penetration from bitumen, but as you know, its weaknesses have been so much and troublesome, to cover Some of these defects and the reduction of the steps of heating the bitumen and the lack of a quality sack of foot insulation were produced.

This product is much better than the previous ones and is less risky at run time. Also, due to its poorly coated coating, it does not stick to the shoes of the wearer while transporting bitumen, and the aluminum coat allows it to absorb less heat into the structure. Though he gets very hot.

The products of this company are certified by the national standard of the product and have the European standard CE mark

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